Anna Scheen Lancefield Studio 2014

Anna Scheen Lancefield Studio 2014


Anna Scheen is a painter, contemporary jeweller and ceramicist. She works across several mediums creating work using porcelain clay, blackened copper, sterling silver and paint. Her work explores themes of uncertainty and the unseen.

Anna works from a small garden studio in Lancefield, just outside Melbourne Australia. She studied printmaking and photography at RMIT Melbourne Australia.

Her work is held in public and private collections throughout Australia, USA, New Zealand, Japan and Europe.

It’s the small aspects of everyday life that interest me the most. I am interested in the moments that we miss when we do not play the role of the careful observer. We miss the small changes in our environments until we are struck by the larger events that ask us for all of our attention.
— Anna Scheen - artist statment
The imagery of my work comes from deep within my imagination. I paint intuitively finding inspiration from fragments of past memories and emotions.
— Anna Scheen